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NIX Business Solution is a leading international business development and marketing consulting firm that specialize in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) create sustainable growth through successful expansion into USA markets.

Innovative Solutions to Move Your

Business Forward

To provide international business supply chain solutions and access to the US sources for goods and services. This mission refers to connect two supply and demand points as one line, crossing the boundary through innovative services and features.



NIX respects each country, culture, people and their needs with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. Hence, NIX will invest in the development of an effective and customer-centric user-friendly system for buyer and seller, and in the development of its people as individuals and professionals.


We examine any possible improvement that can draw attractiveness of the non-price features of product e.g. use of a brand name, better packaging, better promotion, package deal offers, faster delivery and other initial and after-sales services. Besides cost and quality, we believe delivery time is very essential in procurement. In alliance with suppliers, we have built a network of providing product to our customers in time.

Our business is growing yours

We provide a full-service outsourcing Business Development services for companies in USA.  Our presence in USA and years of experience in the technology startup industry provide us with the know-how to build or expand your business operation in this highly-lucrative market. 

Our goal is to execute your company's business strategy and operations in USA. 

Your Business Development Department

in USA 

We provide full-service business development outsourcing for technology companies. Our highly-professional team, led by a NIX BDM, becomes your Business Development Department and may expand your growth faster.  We will work hand-in-hand with your sales and management team to enhance the business and sales operations. NIX has helped Asian small and mid-sized companies successfully expand in USA, and let us help you navigate an increasingly complex marketplace.

We create communication, impact, and growth strategies that empower conscious brands to expand their reach and scale their influence for good Brand Strategy & Thought Leadership Build thought leadership on the social web as a subject-matter expert in your desired business landscape. NIX provide Business Development sources for your business model, value and service offerings, and sales and marketing efforts to support their business goals. 

Main Service
  • Introduce and negotiate exclusive contracts between international companies

  • Introduce and negotiate international licensing agreements

  • Matchmaking services introduce the best  and US companies for greatest profitability and ROI

  • International Business Consulting

  • Local Office Set-Up

  • Market Research 

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Market Entry Strategy

  • Partner / Investor Search

  • International Lead Generation

  • Overseas Marketing & Promotion

  • Translation & Localization of Marketing Materials

  • Export Promotion Services

  • Brand Development

  • International Public Relations

  • New Product Launch

  • Trade Show Support

  • Representation Services

  • Cultural Training & Seminars

  • Trade Missions / In-Country Market Visits

We are dedicated to the production of results

for our clients.

NIX Business Solution team and partners have decades of experience and a proven track record in the analysis and execution of business development strategies for technology companies. 

This experience gives our professional business group and partners the know-how to build the right strategy for your company, as well as to execute it in a timely and cost-efficient manner. 


Our Core Strengths

  • NIX Business Solution led by a business executive with􏰀 Extensive operational, financial and transactional experience for tech companies from Asia to America.

  • Over a decade of C-level experience in positions with technology and startup companies.

  • A proven history of successful business negotiations and agreements with major corporations as well mid-size potential customers.

  • Decades of experience in the strategy and execution of business plans.

  • Business development execution in America, Asia and the Far East.

  • Experienced Business Development Managers (BDMs) to execute your company's business development strategies. 

Value Proposition

Our focus is on the value creation outcome througt the conception, process, know-how, development and ramp-up of the company business in USA.

We support the company to launch and build a sustainable business, and engage with the right prospect customers and distributors to 􏰄drive repeat business thhat convert into scalalbe growth.


Our high reputation comes from building multiple high growth ventures and market-ready technology companies for our customers. 

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